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Our Kickstarter Campaign

In the fall of 2013, Voices of a New Renaissance launched a crowdsourcing campaign to fund our second series of concerts. Thanks to 74 generous Backers who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign, we raised $5,525 -- 118% of our goal -- and our Love and Loss concerts on January 31-February 1, 2014 were a huge success.

Watch our Kickstarter video:

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Many Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers:

Dowland Level ($50+)
Alicia Armet
Robert Buonaccorsi
George Durnell
Bill and Gail Eifrig
David Gordon
Jay Krick
Nathan Krueger
Phyllis Leppert
Torquil & Morag MacSporran
Tiffany and Jacob McFarland
Johanna O'Dell
Susan Patrick and Donald Partridge
Karla Pelz Serrano
Dara and David Scholz
Emily and Tony Weeks
Kay D. Wiley
Craig Wiggins

Josquin Level ($25+)
Alvaro and Misty Bermudez
Michael Boswell and Sharon Boyle
Rachel Caspar
Linda Ferguson & Ralph Klapis
Kyle Ferrill
Dusty Francis
Jesse Kamp
Gary and Beth Kern
Thomas Koch
Ben Leaf
Debra Dean Murphy
Lindon Connell Pearson
Trinity & Matthew Pellas
Molly Quinn
Raleigh the Dog
Carissa Rodrigue
Jason Rylander
Phyllis and Dave Schroeder
Angela and Pete Smucker
Gabrielle Tinto Tresler

Gesualdo Level ($5+)
David & Lucas
Cecy Duarte
Rachel Gertz
Elizabeth Hungerford
Candace Magner
Emily Marvosh
Alicia McManus
Brian Mummert
Allan and Janice Page

Victoria Level ($500+)
Jay Branegan and Stefania Pittaluga
Harold Krueger
Tim and Joan Mueller 

Gabrieli Level ($200+)
Mary Clyde Bugg
Margaret Gibson
Carl and Jane Leaf
Bill & Charlotte Neil

Tallis Level ($100+)
Jeff Aldridge
Karen Brinkmann
Claire Doerschuk
Tom Jenner
Kathleen Krause
John and Helene Leaf
Matthew Leaf
Charles Mueller
Jackie O'Dell
Susan Orcutt
Jerry Phillips
Julia Rogers
Peter Rutenberg
Rhian Swierat and Ian Mueller
Thanis Tridhavee
Antohony J. Veltri
John Douglas Zabor

Lassus Level ($75+)
Scott Mason
Tom and Nancy Mueller
Lauren Phillips and Marco Simoni
Tamara and Bill Urmey
Linda and Mike Wood
Emily Wilson Stricker